It reminded me of the leviathan trilogy so I bought it

O-O Where did you get this?! 

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Books & Cupcakes December Photo Challenge

Day 21: Would Suggest to a Friend

Scott Westerfeld’s Leviathan series because of reasons… 

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Deryn Sharp Appreciation. 

(Fancast as Michelle Williams here.) 

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respect that. bow down

four ladies of leviathan + ***flawless by beyoncé
sources: [x] [x] [x] [x] [x] [x] [x] [x]
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swagger & dummkopf
a deryn/alek playlist

not suitable for those on a low-schmoop diet

parachute :: ingrid michaelson
40 dogs (romeo and juliet) :: bob schneider
young dumb and in love :: mat kearney
the way we touch :: we are twin
brighter than sunshine :: aqualung
dead sea :: the lumineers
who knew :: you won’t
wouldn’t it be nice :: the beach boys
the promise :: when in rome
true to your heart :: 98 degrees ft. stevie wonder


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Book Meme | One Location [1/1]: Instanbul/Constantinople, Ottoman Empire {Behemoth- Scott Westerfield}

"Instanbul?" Newkirk frowned. "But it’s ‘Constantinople’ on all the maps."

"On our maps it is,” the lady boffin said. “We use that name to honor Constantine, the Christian emperor who founded the city. But the residents have called it Instanbul since 1453.”

{Art by Keith Thompson}

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I’m still a lazy shit

but here anyway

happy fuck’n dalek week >:U

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Lilit, kissing your MC and flying away in the midst of battle.


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endless list of favourite queer characters in fantasy/sf
↳ lilit (the leviathan trilogy - scott westerfeld)

"i’m sorry. i was just curious." 

(Source: mercurien)

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The Leviathan Trilogy is about a girl who wears pants telling herself to keep it in her pants.

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